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12-Inch (2-4 yr. old)

Koda Kids 12" bike is perfect for young beginners of 2 to 4yrs old. Made with a High-tensile strength steel frame and equipped with a full coverage chainguard, rear foot operated coaster brake, front hand operated brake, comfort saddle with helper handle, and training wheels. Features: - Grows With Them This bike’s wide range of adjustable seat height, extending from just 15.5” up to 18.5”, can accommodate small riders and their growth spurts, so little cyclists can keep riding comfortably as their bike grows with them. - Optimized Pedaling Pedaling on this bike is intuitive and efficient, with a gain ratio of 3.5. Every pedal stroke adds speed (“gain”) with just the right amount of energy (“ratio”) needed to propel them, resulting in easier starts & better balance. - Easy-Reach V-Brake In addition to its uncomplicated coaster brake, this bike’s highly responsive V-brake teaches kids early how to use hand brakes like those found on adult bikes. Easily adjust the brake lever’s reach to fit smaller hands. - Perfect Fit A better-fitting bike leads to faster learning, heightened confidence, & more fun. At 15.9 lbs, this bike is lightweight and easier for kids to maneuver. Its easy-mount frame & ergonomic saddle were tailor-made just for them. - Wide, Cushioning Tires Grooved tires reliably grip and can easily maneuver over different surfaces, making their ride smooth and stable no matter the terrain. - Removable Training Wheels Get them accustomed to riding on four wheels before they tackle two. Koda Plus effortlessly transitions to a big kid bike whenever they’re ready to say “bye-bye” to their training wheels. - High-Back Saddle Comfortable and prevents kids from sliding off the back. Its built-in handle makes it easy to carry and is perfect for the parental clutch grab.
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